Sea Girls Preserves Indie Music With ‘Damage Done’

by Silvia Pellegrino

17th June, 2019

Last month the world saw the blossoming of British band Sea Girls with their new single, ‘Damage Done’. The 4-piece-group (who are from all over the UK) proved once again their ability to write, produce and put out songs which engage and engulf the listener.

The indie genre is picking up where it had left in 2013 and 2014, after a break which saw more pop music. ‘Damage Done’ is proof that indie music is not dead. I cannot even start explaining how important this song is from a contextual point of view – it has re-established the necessary role that a song’s morale holds.

The single, in fact, begins in a very hopeful way: the drums are present from the very beginning and after the first few lines a bright guitar chimes in alongside the warm and interesting vocals of the lead singer Henry Camamile. Following the footsteps of bands such as The Night Café, JAWS, The 1975 and perhaps The Cure, Sea Girls have created the perfect song.

There is not one single aspect that could be considered out of place – from the enthralling drumbeats to the vintage keyboard chords – all the way to the bridge: “Talking to myself again, I’m talking to myself again…”. The classic explosion of sounds happens right after these lines, repeating the chorus and enriching it with more energy and more frequent beats.

As a listener, this song was a nice surprise. It sends one’s body in an electric trance; it seems coming straight out a coming of age movie from the 90s. It is the perfect fusion between synthesised elements and classic rock elements, it provokes such a precise feeling and reaction, and in its simplicity, it leaves a defined and deep mark. From a lyrical point of view it is very fresh and young, crafted in a way to be relatable to everyone: it talks about a relationship that did not end well, but it highlights the resilience of the protagonist, mixed with a little bit of solitude.

“Drop a bomb on the past
Yeah well, nothing ever lasts
And there’s no going back
Who needs memories?”

I can easily imagine ‘Damage Done’ performed in an arena full of dancing, cheerful young people having the time of their lives and singing the lyrics right back at the artists. Sea Girls have been very sly about this single, yet they have proven once again to be very consistent and coherent when it comes to their style and sound. It is a very strong statement, and surely this won’t be the last time we hear about Sea Girls: this is just the beginning.

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