SANNIA’s Ethereal Electro-Pop Tune Travelling Captures Vulnerability & Love’s Uncertainties

by Marcus Adetola

20th June, 2023

SANNIA’s Ethereal Electro-Pop Tune Travelling Captures Vulnerability & Love’s Uncertainties

SANNIA’s latest single, travelling featuring Jason Rodi, is a mesmerising blend of atmospheric soundscapes intimately woven with electro-pop elements that serve as the perfect backdrop to the songstress’s hauntingly beautiful vocals. This ethereal track reveals an artist in the throes of emotional disquiet, lending a raw yet articulate voice to the seldom-spoken feelings of insecurity in relationships.

The lyrics reveal a poignant story, where SANNIA portrays the role of an unintentional passenger in love’s journey. “I know what’s to come/The promise of tomorrow until another girl comes along/And you realise you’re not in love/You’re afraid of being alone, my love,” she sings. These lines capture the essence of the song: the chilling realisation of being more of a placeholder than a partner and the gnawing fear of inevitable solitude.

Travelling is a song about the dread of an impending end, the silent acceptance of a doomed journey, and the courage to persist rather than retreat. SANNIA masterfully encapsulates this concept, explaining, “It’s about feeling like a passenger in a relationship; you’re just tagging along for the ride without genuine connection or companionship.”

Crafted before the pandemic’s onset, travelling also symbolises the artist’s emotional journey. SANNIA confessed to using music as an escape route, as she found herself disassociating rather than confronting difficult emotions. This personal revelation adds another layer of depth to the song, transforming it into a mirror that reflects the artist’s inner turmoil.

The magnetic pull of travelling is hard to resist. It is a mix of vulnerability, and a poignant narrative that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt the tremors of uncertain love. As the first single from SANNIA’s debut album, set to release later this year, travelling sets an impressively high bar, leaving listeners awaiting what promises to be a spectacular musical journey.

In travelling, SANNIA has gifted listeners with a melodious exploration of heartache and hope. Through her intimate vocals and electro-pop ambiance, she creates a sonic universe that feels deeply personal and relatable. 

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