Sal AngeL Waits By The Phone In Call Me Back

by Lucy Lerner

20th May, 2020

Sal AngeL waits by the phone in Call Me Back. His new single glistens with dreamy instrumentals and harmonies that bleed into each other. The pain is evident in Sal’s silky vocals as he describes the feelings of putting everything into a relationship, but getting nothing in return.

Never thought that I would be such a fool for you
I see you will never call me back

It’s easy to get lost in Call Me Back as Sal AngeL laments his broken relationship via sublime, soaring melodies. This is Sal’s fourth single release as a solo artist and producer and he is also part of IceCold Mob, an award-winning group.

We could listen to the soulful Call Me Back all day and after hearing his dulcet tones we would definitely call him back.

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