Rowlette’s Letters Is A Tale Of Lost Friendships

by Marcus Adetola

16th March, 2020

Rowlette’sLetters is a tale of lost friendships. It narrates the tale of a lost friendship in the form of a beautifully written prose, albeit as an indie-pop ballad.

The gentle guitar joined by soft piano, and light bass provides the perfect template for the vocals. It helps convey the intimacy of the message and allows the lyrics to shine. The chorus is sweet and beautifully sung by Rowlette in her own unique style.

I wrote this song about a friend of mine that I hadn’t heard from in a while. We were always those kind of friends who could go ages without talking, but when we did it was completely normal. Except this time it was radio silence.” – Rowlette

Although Letters was written based on Rowlette’s personal experience and feelings, it is more relevant than ever to society today. We should take heed of the message and reach out to good friendships we have cultivated through the years.

Letters was produced, mixed and mastered by Beardfire Studios.

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