Rising London Songstress HILLARI Stakes Her Claim with Soulful Pop Anthem, Loyal

by Marcus Adetola

16th July, 2023

Rising London Songstress HILLARI Stakes Her Claim with Soulful Pop Anthem, Loyal

At the intersection of heartfelt authenticity and addictive pop melodies, 18-year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist HILLARI from the Philippines has carved her niche. Her latest single, Loyal, from the debut EP “How Is Your Soul?” paints an evocative and relatable picture of love’s complexities and challenges, bound to make listeners sway to its rhythm and contemplate its profound message.

HILLARI’s honeyed vocals hold nothing back on Loyal, a track that seamlessly stitches soulful vibes with catchy pop hooks. The song talks about the courage it takes to trust someone profoundly with patience, understanding, and the inner fight against personal doubts.

Starting with the hypnotic line, “Shoulda start with saying off, you were on my mind,” HILLARI dives deep into the complexities of love and trust. She acknowledges her lover’s flaws and inconsistencies, yet decides to “lay down my doubts aside” for them. It’s a stark and genuine portrayal of vulnerability that resonates in every listener’s heart, a true testament to HILLARI’s aptitude for songwriting.

The chorus hooks you immediately, layered with HILLARI’s assertive yet emotive voice, reiterating her loyalty despite the odds. There’s an infectious rhythm that keeps your lips mouthing the lyrics and your mind reflecting on your own experiences of love, patience, and understanding.

But it’s the bridge where HILLARI really hits her stride. As she reveals, “I ain’t about to check no phone, cause I understand,” you can almost sense the resolution within her—the faith and understanding to provide her partner the space they need.

HILLARI’s voice, ripe with emotion, navigates the spectrum of the song’s sentiments with a delicate yet impactful flair. The result? A song that beautifully underscores the patience and resilience it takes to support a loved one through their struggles.

Sonically, Loyal finds a balance between smooth, soulful melodies and upbeat pop production. Its beats are infectious, and the rhythm’s pace is perfectly in tune with the song’s raw emotion and lyrical depth. It’s a track that urges you to perhaps pull your partner a little closer.

HILLARI’s Loyal is a celebration of love in its most honest form, with all its doubts and fears and the unconditional loyalty that makes it all worthwhile.

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