Richard Frenneaux returns with new single Avant-Daze

“I kept it all inside well something’s changing”

Richard Frenneaux returns with new single Avant-Daze which follows his debut Arcades. It is a psychedelic affair with a glossy sheen.

Frenneux manages to cultivate a feel-good aesthetic no matter the subject. Avant-Daze is about departing from a fundamental set of values. It’s so easy to lose one’s self in social objectivity prevalent in the world today. Not that it’s a bad thing but we need to find ourselves first to understand what true value is.

When I left London I realised that too much of my life was tethered to a social currency. The idea that you can generate an intrinsic value regardless of external factors appealed to me and made me question where I was placing my values.” – Richard Frenneaux

The brilliance of Avant-Daze is in the composition of the lyrics. The Brisbane-based artist is hitting his stride with statement-making music and this is not the last we have heard from him.