Reece Drops The Infectious New Single BACK FOR ME

by Marcus Adetola

12th August, 2020

Reece drops the infectious new single BACK FOR ME. It’s one of those songs with sad lyrics you just need to put on replay. However, the vocals from Reece shine the most with impressive qualities that are attention-grabbing. His vocals glide smoothly on the sparsed instrumentals at a steady tempo and with atmospheric sounds that further add an emotional layer. Although you feel the pain in his voice, his lyrics are confident, showing resolve not to look back.

“BACK FOR ME is a venting session in the form of a song. I was so upset the day I wrote it with Jonah Shai. I just had my heart broken literally 3 days prior, and I wanted to create a song which also doubled as an open letter of everything I wanted to say to my ex at the time.”

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