‘Red Lights’ Is A Funky Tune Loaded With Inspiration & Dreams From Mo Brandis

by neonmusic

21th October, 2017

Mo Brandis has dropped his new track ‘Red lights’ from his upcoming EP called ‘Undercover’ and it is exactly as the singer himself says, “breaking out of your mind, pursuing your dreams and not letting anything or anyone stop you”.

Mo’s talent for songwriting is not only proven here in this track but with his previous feel-good single ‘Undercover’. ‘Red Lights’ is also a quirky upbeat song, full of inspirational and go-getter lyrics, complete with Mo singing in different tones to establish the keywords ‘Red Lights’.

His voice transforms from high bouncy pop to a cooler edgy funk. The London based singer-songwriter seems to be leading us on a journey through the experiences and revelations of his life and we can’t wait for his next words of wisdom.

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