Pure Perfection From Cubicolor Ahead Of Album Release

by Terry Guy

6th February, 2020

Want to hear instrumentation which is inspired by Trip-Hop and Chillout bands such as Air and Zero 7 over music made for the raves? Amsterdam’s Alternative, Electronic three-piece band Cubicolor has recently dropped a brand new single/and B-side, titled ‘Wake Me Up’ from their highly anticipated, upcoming second album ‘Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night,’ and it is pure perfection.

It has a masterful build-up from zero to two minutes into the song, which consists of filtered fizzy synths being lifted until the point where an emotive piano chord structure performs alongside the calming voice of British singer and songwriter Tim Digby-Bell. Euphoric? Yes, yet it still leans toward the trippy side of Electro music, via its vintage, sounding bassline, and the percussion which is used to provide the off-beat rhythm on the drums is very reminiscent of the critically acclaimed works of The Chemical Brothers when they have taken over our bodies at the festival with classic Dance tunes, such as 2015’s ‘Go.’

To further this conclusion to their overall vibe, when listening to Wake Me Up’s B-side ‘Points Beyond,’ it is evident that Cubicolor owns a distinctive sound, which also gives an interesting indication as to what their second album will showcase……an experimental, fearlessly synth-based record, which fuses throwback, keyboard sounds with current Dance music production, straight-up, for the clubs.

“There were a lot of moments when we weren’t sure we’d ever find what it was we were looking for. On the way, we lost friends, lost loves, battled health issues, lost an album, lost each other and came back together again. It feels like a lifetime has passed but the world keeps spinning and I guess we knew we would eventually find our strength and make the album we wanted to make” – Cubicolor

There is, even, an ever-so-slight element of their music which delves into the Industrial realm – think of whenever Nine Inch Nails has occasionally experimented with Dance music production and you’ll know what I mean.

We are very excited about the release of their second album which is inspired by the cycles of time, and the cyclical movements of the planets, and we strongly advise everyone to keep an eye out.

Cubicolor has released their third LP offering, album title track, ‘Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night’; ahead of the album

Catch Cubicolor live at Oslo, Hackney (London) – April 9, 2020

Pre-order ‘Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night’ released on February 21st, 2020 viaAnjunadeep

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