Produkt x Larein Drop The Emotional Track Falling

by Marcus Adetola

6th March, 2021

Produkt x Larein Drop The Emotional Track Falling

Falling by Produkt and Larein depicts an inescapable journey into the mind of the broken. New York rapper, Produkt, drops heartfelt verses with a calming nuance on the emotional instrumentals blending in superbly with the dreamy vocals from Larein. It works to accentuate the depth of vulnerability of the track while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing listening quality. Although Falling comes across as heartbreaking, it shines bright as a beacon of hope.

From time to time, inconsistencies in the world construct a breakdown that leads the mind into a free-falling state of emotional decline rapt with a devastating effect. And God knows you need all the help when situations like this arise.

“This song developed during a collaboration for another track. Larein and I were discussing the pain people are going through during these hard times and how suicides were on the rise. It’s hard to go through the process of how this song evolved. It was so natural and painful during and after completion. We made this song for us. After many listens and tears we decided to give it to you. Enjoy and keep fighting. Things will get better. Love.” – Produkt

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