Prepare To Be Mesmerized When You Play Stay (Acoustic) by Ghostly Kisses

by Lucy Lerner

9th September, 2020

Stay for a while just the way we are

There are songs you can just get lost in and Stay (Acoustic) by Ghostly Kisses is one of them. Breathy vocals are as tender as a kiss and with the accompanying dreamlike piano courtesy of Louis-Étienne Santais, you just want the song to last for hours. 

Ghostly Kisses is otherwise known as French Canadian singer-songwriter Margaux Sauvé. The name was inspired by William Faulkner’s poem Une ballade des dames perdues which seemed to capture the essence of Sauvé’s unique vocals.

You left without no goodbye in the night
Lost in a long forgotten dream
You masquerade all you feel inside

Stay (Acoustic) is about asking a loved one to stay and the delicate lyrics reflect the fragility of the song. Prepare to be mesmerized when you hit play on Stay (Acoustic) by Ghostly Kisses.

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