Premiere – Soak Up The Nostalgia With Laine Rex’s Debut Money Down

by Lucy Lerner

23th October, 2020

Soak up the nostalgia with Laine Rex‘s debut Money Down. Airy vocals, light, fluffy, shimmering synths, and gleaming guitar firmly rooted in the 80s make you feel you’re drifting on a cloud.

Money Down is uplifting and bound to pull you out of the dregs of impending winter and doom. However, despite the fast-paced rhythm and vibrant visuals, there is an undercurrent of vulnerability and sadness.

“The track is about those beginning stages of love when you’re not sure if it’s going to work out, but you decide to go all-in anyway. It’s about looking beyond someone’s past and choosing to love wholeheartedly.
I wrote this song almost two years ago, and even though it’s evolved into something more upbeat and peppy than the original version, I think it still carries some of the melancholy undertones of the original phone recording. I didn’t intentionally set out to give it a retro feel, it always just happens!”
– Laine Rex

Erin Dickson has been forming the musical project Laine Rex for many years and it finally came together this year. She has taken the genre Bedroom Pop literally as she conceived musical life from her bedroom. Following an exciting debut, we are keen to hear what Laine Rex gets up to next.

Money Down is from Laine Rex’s EP Dreaming Is Not a Waste of Time which is set for release in 2021.

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