Smile By James Numbere (Ft. The London Community Gospel Choir)

by Lucy Lerner

7th November, 2019

James Numbere

“let’s smile even in hard times”

‘Smile’ is the poignant new music video from James Numbere, a London-based Afrocentric Soul Artist. He has only been releasing music for two years since leaving his job as a human physiologist to focus on music and has grown a large fan base with support from London BBC Introducing.

Last year, James released his single ‘Smile’ to raise funds for Operation Smile (a charity that performs life-changing surgeries on children in mostly third world countries with cleft lips and palates) and today we feature the stunning, heartwarming visuals to accompany the song.

“don’t let the dark days cloud the brightness in your eyes”

The London Community Gospel Choir (who have performed for the Queen and the Royal Family and alongside Luther Vandross, One Republic, Justin Timberlake, Gregory Porter, Pink, Tom Jones and more) have lent their vocals to this thought-provoking, piano-driven song and elevated it even further. James Numbere’s vocals are rich and warm and marry beautifully with the choir’s harmonies.

“Give a smile, life’s short so don’t stop living”

We should all take James Numbere’s advice, “A smile is contagious and with this video I hope it brightens the day of anyone who sees it, leaving them smiling by the end. Regardless of age, race or background, let’s smile even in hard times. Life is too short to live with constant worry.

Yes, life can be hard and we all have to deal with difficult situations, and negative people but a smile doesn’t cost anything and this song and video will remind you of appreciating the little things and not taking our precious lives for granted. Let the London Community Gospel Choir and James Numbere’s brighten your day and give you a reason to smile.

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