Smile To The Euphoric Melodies Of Aleksander Waaktaar

Sun Apr 26 2020

Smile to the euphoric melodies of Aleksander Waaktaar. Every facet of Smile embodies comforting qualities. The acoustic start to the track and the other instrumentals added on will send you into the state of bliss. As if you can’t go further into a rapture, now enter Aleksander’s voice to send you into euphoric bliss. The […]

Smile By James Numbere (Ft. The London Community Gospel Choir)

Thu Nov 07 2019

“let’s smile even in hard times” ‘Smile’ is the poignant new music video from James Numbere, a London-based Afrocentric Soul Artist. He has only been releasing music for two years since leaving his job as a human physiologist to focus on music and has grown a large fan base with support from London BBC Introducing. […]

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