Premiere: New Music Video ‘I Can’t Do It By Myself’ By UNBLOOM

by Lucy Lerner

28th November, 2017

You know you’re in for a good time when you listen to music from producer and songwriter UNBLOOM. It’s uplifting, original and most of all, fun. Today he releases his new music video for ‘I Can’t Do It By Myself’ taken from his 2017 EP ‘This Could Be Everything / This Could Be Nothing’.

Featuring UNBLOOM’s signature styles: bouncy hooks, polished, expansive soundscapes and plump pillows of synth-wave, this track will have you nodding your head and relaying the lyrics in your head as the day goes on. And just when you feel it can’t get any better UNBLOOM introduces stuttering snares, dreamy instrumental flourishes and psychedelic sound effects which simmer alongside warp-ish electronica with a groovy garnish.

The music video indulges in a carefree vibe, the juxtaposing vulnerability, and playfulness of youth as well as some vibrant 80s fashion.

UNBLOOM says of the visuals, “The video is about friendship, longing, and vulnerability; it’s about finding yourself through the friends that are trying to find themselves too”. He continues, “During our production meetings, we tried to make it a point to enlist actresses that had a tremendous amount of chemistry. We knew we wanted the video to convey amorous feelings, but also wanted an ambiguity in parallel with the narrative: are they just friends? Or something more?

‘I Can’t Do It By Myself’ is an effervescent sugar rush which will keep you going and going. We’ve been watching him throughout 2017, but bring on 2018. It’s bound to be a corker for UNBLOOM.

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