Premiere: Marky D Releases ‘Zombie’

by Lucy Lerner

31th October, 2018

Marky D’s new single ‘Zombie’ may seem appropriate for its Halloween release date but is in fact about the use of drugs as an escape from the world. When people use drugs they act like zombies, “drugs got me numb“.

The narrative takes place within a tight beat which has a shimmering feel and a hazy landscape (which fits well with the theme) and Marky D’s flow slides in and out of warping synths. The overall aesthetic is psychedelic bliss with a grittier meaning.

kickin’, she kickin’, this her favourite song
smoke a zip a day, that’s her getaway
sittin’ on a cloud, she tryin’ to fly away

Marky D was born as Marcus Derrick Hunt and grew up in Whittier, CA, just outside of Los Angeles. His late cousin is a huge influence on his life and he channelled his grief into his music. Inspired by classic oldies to contemporary hip-hop Marky D has shaped his own brand of rap with his unique command of rhythm and cadence.

‘Zombie’ might initially conjure up images of the walking dead, but Marky D cleverly distorts the meaning and creates a song which makes you look at it in a whole different light. By using this particular beat, clean production, and sharp lyrics you feel as if you too are in a drug-induced daze and not quite in this world, in reality. “She gonna go some places that you can’t go“.

Stream ‘Zombie‘.

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