Premiere: ‘MAD’ Is A Unique Love Song From exxy

by Lucy Lerner

12th March, 2020

Photo by John West

The world is full of love stories and about people being drawn together in different situations. At the end of the day, isn’t love about finding someone who understands you and maybe that’s because they are going through the same thing? exxy’s new single ‘MAD’ feels so relevant in this current climate where mental illness is rife and people are clinging on to someone who gets them and supports them no matter what. ‘MAD’ is about a couple who share the same mental health struggles. They understand each other even if no one else does.

“I don’t need to explain it, for you’ve gone through the same”

exxy couldn’t portray this any better in ‘MAD’. The single begins with a soothing, lullaby-like feel, vocals are soft and breathy. Then the beat drops and ethereal synths and haunting harmonies break through the clouds. There is a hint of ‘Where Is My Mind‘ by Pixies (which also feels rather relevant) and it is so atmospheric and conjures up so many thoughts. ‘MAD’ will surely be in a hit TV show coming your way soon.

“apartment full of people, you find me through the crowd
we climb out on the fire escape, the street below is loud
you point out at the skyline with crimson and ivory lights
you’re feeling like you’re falling from fourteen stories high

they don’t understand it – that’s okay, that’s okay
we couldn’t have planned it another way, another way”

Although essentially alt-pop, ‘MAD’ blurs the genres with a heady trap beat later on and a light and fluffy melody throughout. It is a very streamlined, detail-oriented song with dark undertones. There is a very clever interlude where voices whisper over each other about going mad and the song comes to a halt with a jagged flourish. A lot of thought has gone into every aspect of the song.

exxy lives in Hollywood and is a singer-songwriter and producer who focuses on songs about living in LA, difficult relationships and mental health. Her debut single became the theme tune of an Amazon Original Series which launched in 2018.

This talented artist strikes a chord with her unique take on a love song – we all feel a little mad sometimes and we just want to be understood.

“cause you can see me like they can’t”

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