Premiere: Luxuriate in Gwendolyn’s Twisted Sheets

by Lucy Lerner

22nd July, 2020

Premiere: Luxuriate in Gwendolyn's Twisted Sheets

Luxuriate in Gwendolyn’s Twisted Sheets, a stunning new single about right and wrong. Coming from a cinematic background, Gwendolyn knows how to create a piece of music that exudes passion and resonates within your very core. The track builds in emotion starting with an ethereal, blissful, soundscape which soon becomes bruised and stormy. It is teamed with expressive vocals, gliding instrumentals, and moving lyrics.

“Something between right and wrong when all the witnesses are gone”

Twisted Sheets has a tangible thread running through it which pulses with anticipation. It’s no surprise to learn that the song has just been signed to two music libraries and is going to be featured on the 50 Shades of Grey and Grey’s Anatomy Spotify playlists. It features all the necessary credentials to elevate a moving, memorable scene in a popular TV series or blockbuster film.

There is a fragility and a tenderness to Twisted Sheets which makes for a very intoxicating song.

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