Late Night LegacyThe music legacy that Late Night Legacy will leave behind is a package that encapsulates a love for traditional rock, funk and a serious passion for what they do. This energy is so obvious in their sound, their music videos and live performances. Add humour and not taking themselves too seriously to the mix and it makes for a really refreshing group. This young, dynamic 4-piece band based in Leeds only came together to form Late Night Legacy two years ago. They have a funk rock sound with balladic verses and powerful harmonised choruses which explore a range of sounds.

Previous singles ‘Of Our Times’ and ‘Oversold & Overdrawn’ are really catchy songs with swagger and vibrancy. Obviously youthful and with fresh, fun, humorous music videos, there is a maturity and melodic sensibility about Late Night Legacy as if they have been around for many years. The charismatic group consists of Ryan Kitto (vocals), Rob Orange (guitar), Kyle Metcalf (Bass) and Josh Stayman (Drums) and after an extensive two years of touring sold-out shows and festivals in the UK, their fan base is rapidly growing. This is no surprise as their raw energy is contagious and translates well into live performances.

Ryan Kitto’s gravelly vocals have range, pitch, body and a certain soulfulness and each member layers their own style from the funky bassline, animated drums and complex guitar riffs with a subtle nuance. The acoustic version is stripped back but has just as much vigour as the original.

The music video for ‘I'm An Eagle‘ is playful and portrays the group performing together as well as larking about, but there is also a narrative where the protagonist is not fulfilled in his day to day life and job and wants to be a superhero. As with previous music videos, this one is hilarious and will have you laughing as much as rocking, but there is also a realness and sadness to it. He is just trying to help people, but it never goes to plan until he meets like-minded superheroes at the end and feels connected, appreciated and finally part of something. Kitto sings, “I don’t need anyone to tell me I’m nothing, I live with myself all day. I work until my fingers cut to the bone, and for what I know it’s not enough” and “I’m an eagle and I soar above the flames, I’m an eagle and I rise above the hate.”

‘I’m An Eagle’ is as melodically infectious as previous work and Late Night Legacy has an appetite for making music that is feel-good, creative and inventive. They have an insatiable highly spirited musicality that hopefully will never be diminished.