Premiere: Get Lost In John MacLane's Debut I Don't Want To Change YouGet lost in the sonic delights of I Don’t Want To Change You, the debut single by John MacLane. Shimmering synths combined with heartbreaking vocals send shivers down your spine in a song the word repeat was made for.

I Don’t Want To Change You manages to sound experimental and intimate. Various sounds and textures conjure images of colours blending into each other to create a hypnotic watercolour painting. The song is, in fact, an exciting and fresh direction for John MacLane as an artist and producer.

John MacLane is influenced by artists including The 1975 and Jeremy Zucker and he likes to experiment with genres. I Don’t Want To Change You provides mesmerizing chill vibes exuding calm energy whilst also hyping up the listener as you discover more layers the more you listen.

I Don’t Want To Change You is simply a must-listen and well-crafted debut from John MacLane.

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