What makes a song a summer anthem? Is it a sound that immediately transports you to a tropical, sun-soaked resort? Or perhaps it’s a song that you hear years from now which takes you back to the best summer of your life, summer 2018? The debut single ‘Pleasure’ from Berlin-based duo FHAT embodies all of those feelings with its sun-kissed, one-stop-shop of easy, breezy R&B, slinking melodies, sugary vocals, and sizzling production.

FHAT are your new favourite New York duo who put their contemporary spin on classic R&B. Vocalist and songwriters Aaron and Sedric have already displayed their talents on Fabich & Jafunk’s song ‘Back to Life’ and following a very positive reaction they wanted to introduce their debut original project. Working with producer JUMPA they have created a song you will be playing over and over and over again this summer and beyond. ‘Pleasure’ has a woozy combination of vibrant melodies with swelling electronic flourishes and a lush soundscape. Sensually infused lyrics tell the tale of lust and acceptance,

“dreaming with my eyes wide open, got me looking at your star sign hoping, don’t mind the pain when it comes with so much pleasure

There’s no pain listening to this track, just pure unadulterated pleasure. Create your own summer memories with FHAT’s debut single.

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You can stream ‘Pleasure’ here.

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