Premiere: Exxy And Easy Morning Soak Up The Lifestyle In Beverly Hills

by Lucy Lerner

26th March, 2021

Exxy does dreamy oh so well and teaming up with long time friend and music Producer Easy Morning, together they have created a lush, lo-fi sound you just want to immerse yourself into. In new single beverly hills there are clouds of ambient textures and a warm wash of harmonies, blooming sonic flourishes and glittering synths – the song reminds you of the waves crashing on the shore, catching in the Californian sunlight. It’s so descriptive you almost feel like you’re there which correlates with the song being about escapism.

“Crashing all the parties, glamorous parties, people that we don’t know.
Let’s pretend to be somebody who has a lot of money, just for the night though.”

“This song is about two people who visit Beverly Hills for the night. They crash some parties and people watch, witnessing both the glamour as well as the chaos. They climb a fence and leave before getting into any trouble. This song is very personal for us for we are best friends who grew up in the suburbs of Phoenix and now live a block away from each other in Hollywood. We still have moments where we feel like outsiders observing the fast LA life swirling around us.” – Exxy

The visuals capture the same vein with stunning shots of LA and warm washes of colour. Exxy and Easy Morning are looting the contents of a mansion in Beverly Hills and are caught by the owners at the end. Can we look forward to beverly hills part 2 from this talented duo?

beverly hills is out now.

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