Premiere: Emmrose Releases Intriguing New Single The Imposter

by Lucy Lerner

11th March, 2021

Emmrose releases her multi-layered, intriguing new single The Imposter. The talented 17-year-old songwriter was inspired by a video game. To win the game, you need to find an imposter that led her to think about imposter syndrome, how you feel paranoid everyone will find out that you are a fraud and that was the key factor to this song. Emmrose has experienced this feeling in her own life when she has been chosen to stand out in a group of people which feels good at first then self-doubt begins to seep in and you are scared of being discovered as not worthy after all.

The narrative in The Imposter turns around towards the end of the song, as it’s revealed the narrator is the imposter, “I told you when I was feeling pretty scared the charade would end.” Emmrose says, “this is my favorite part of the song lyrically, as I love connecting scars to lies, and how not being true to yourself is a double edged sword.

She continues, “I think some doubt isn’t a bad thing. Overconfidence can be dangerous as well as not feeling confident at all. Personally, I’ve felt enormous doubt as a singer and a songwriter. The anxiety that I’m not good enough and that everything I write and sing is horrible are thoughts that often go through my head. This song is in dedication to the part of me that feels like an imposter, and that it’s not the way to live.”

The Imposter luxuriates in melancholy vocals, warm textures and an earworm of a melody. The song blooms as more layers are added; a tapestry of harmonies, instruments and an airy soundscape shimmering with possibilities. It is such an accomplished song with many strands of introspection and emotion weaving through.

“You don’t know her, she is the imposter, among us, she knows she doesn’t belong here”

Emmrose is currently based in New York City writing her follow-up to her 2019 debut EP, Hopeless Romantics.

The Imposter is set for release on 12th March 2021.

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