We Can’t Get Enough Of The Grass Was Greener By Emmrose

by Marcus Adetola

5th July, 2020

We can’t get enough of The Grass Was Greener by Emmrose. Listening to it inundates you with a flood of nostalgia. You are swallowed whole by the wave of emotions from the vintage-sounding instrumental build-up that gradually flows into you. The sultry and haunting vocals from the 16-year-old singer-songwriter weave an intoxicating melody that siphons through you, making you experience memories of the past vividly.

“I wrote The Grass Was Greener to sound nostalgic. It’s all about looking back at young love, the things you did, and the things you could’ve done in hindsight. I wanted the song to center around a failed love story, one that involves drug addiction and abuse. Only a few lines really hint at it, but it’s the reason why the ex-lover in the song is gone”. – Emmrose

There is a hint of sadness to the song, but with a triumphant feeling of having moved on from the situation.

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