Premiere: D’Melo – ‘Faithful’

by Lucy Lerner

29th November, 2019

‘Faithful’ is D’Melo’s third release and in its brief time period relays a bouncy, playful feel with a catchy hook and slick beat which will make you crave more. D’Melo blends a variety of musical styles with ease and his flow is water-tight.

Originally from Nigeria, D’Melo’s roots influence his music as well as his childhood memories which he looks back on fondly. His older brother had ‘rap diaries’ and D’Melo would steal lyrics and memorise them for his own rap battles. He loves all things hip-hop and urban pop.
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In ‘Faithful’ D’Melo plays on the expression of stereotypes of men in relationships. He says the track is, “a playful way of me tackling the unfair stereotype that black men are not faithful, so I’m throwing the pressure back on my potential love interests asking them to give me a reason to want to be faithful.

The song is taken from D’Melo’s upcoming five-track debut EP ‘Since When’ which explores more electronic elements along with D’Melo’s smooth rap style and energetic beats.

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