Sweet 16-year-old Amberay has hit the dance world with her addictive new lo-fi track ‘Scratch’ which you’ll have on repeat. Her fresh and youthful vocals tease the listener against those Manhattan house beats that we know and love. This is the sort of track you can enjoy in the club, or while sunning it on a yacht across the White Island, where it all started for the Ibizencan singing sensation.

The young singer-songwriter has collaborated with Morsecode Production and 808 legend Arthur Baker for the deep house tinged ‘Scratch’. Amberay first met Arthur Baker at the IMS in Ibiza and only three days later ’Scratch’ was born.

Amberay couldn’t have picked a better time to drop a track like this as it’s bound to be a hot favourite for many this summer. It’s already making waves in the Ibiza and New York City clubs and I can’t wait to see what Amberay delivers next.

“How do you know you’re not gonna get a scratch?”

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