Pasquale Gee Shows Appreciation With You Came Back For Me

Pasquale Gee shows appreciation to his supporters with You Came Back For Me. The song is soaked in melancholy as Pasquale Gee sings with crystal clear and mellow vocals on instrumentals that carry a reflective mood. He delves straight into the core of the matter with his opening lines addressing any doubts of under-appreciating his supporters.

I may seem ungrateful,
I just have my plate full,
And I have different angles ways to say I’m thankful

Pasquale Gee could easily have written a post on social media, but he chose to express his feelings and emotions in the most touching way possible. You Came Back For Me has honest, relatable, and charming lyrics which are bound to ward off all doubts. Of course, the insanely catchy melody helps.