Pasquale Gee Returns With Sunsets In Park

by Marcus Adetola

24th May, 2020

Pasquale Gee returns with Sunsets in Park, another great song in his string of latest releases. In the past few months he has dropped a few tracks, and each possesses unique emotional qualities that make them stand out. Sunsets in Park evokes feelings of nostalgia that completely envelope you. The song has an anthemic theme making it catchy and memorable. It makes the emotional experience of the song resonate more.

‘Sunsets in Park’ tells the story of how something as simple as an old car can act as a safe haven between two people. Long nights, watching the sun go down from a parked car is something that seems so poetic and symbolic at the same time. – Pasquale Gee

There’s a vulnerability in his vocals that makes the lyrics of the song realistic and relatable. And, the instrumentals with the melody make it a worthwhile experience.

Consistency is a good quality to have when making music, and it is one Pasquale Gee happens to have in abundance.

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