One Day By ViVii Is Like A Comforting Hug

by Lucy Lerner

1st February, 2021

One Day it will all be ok again. Trio ViVii portray this feeling of hope in their incredibly catchy single. The song is like a snow globe filled with glittering synths, a warm and spacious soundscape and the group’s notoriously dreamy harmonies. It’s like a comforting hug and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

“On a rooftop in Brooklyn 2 years ago we had a farewell party to some good friends of ours that had joined us on tour. The 3 of us ended up alone, like we do most of the time… it started to rain and we started to chant a melody that has stuck with us since. This is the result of the ViVii chant that we always use right before we go on stage.”

One Day will be included in ViVii’s full-length album set for release this Spring.

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