Ollie’s You & I is A Love Letter To the Future Past

by Marcus Adetola

2th April, 2020

Ollie’s You & I is a love letter to the future past. On You & I, Ollie reminisces on past misadventures and how he tries to make restitution. And he does so with aplomb immersing and engaging the audience in his heartfelt lyrical narrative. The track plays out like a love letter with lines that are catchy and encapsulate relatable feelings of melancholy.

“Finding a balance in life and giving the people we love everything we know they deserve can be difficult at times, but through it all you stick by them. You wouldn’t trade the time you’ve spent by their side for anything, because loyalty means never leaving the people you love behind. I wrote this song for everyone who’s in love but also human, who makes mistakes. But also learns & grows. Forever it’s only you & I.” –  Ollie

The music video plays out  with Ollie trapped in isolation in his home contemplating. Emotions like this are undoubtedly predominant in these times. The isolation caused by the lockdown in the world, in some ways, creates an opportunity to take the time out and figure out how not to suffer the same future in Ollie’s rap.

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