Olive Louise’s Special: A Soulful Anthem For The Misunderstood

by Marcus Adetola

3rd December, 2023

Olive Louise's Special: A Soulful Anthem For The Misunderstood

Special by Olive Louise emerges as a poignant follow-up to her introspective single Moroccan Oranges. Where her last single painted a vivid picture of personal grief and introspection, new release Special turns the lens inward, offering a sanctuary for those who feel out of place.

In Special, Louise’s lyrics resonate with a quiet power, speaking to the hearts of the misunderstood and the overlooked. Her lyrics narrate an intimate experience to create a comforting embrace for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

The sound of Special is a beautifully crafted contrast to Louise’s last release. Moroccan Oranges enveloped listeners in a journey of grief and beauty, but Special offers a different kind of journey. Here, the piano creates an atmosphere that is both haunting, uplifting, and sweet. Louise’s voice, intimate and vulnerable, acts as a guide through this emotional landscape.

Olive Louise Special song cover
Olive Louise Special song cover

Each musical element adds depth, creating a sound that is rich and layered. The harmonies in the track are like gentle echoes, adding an ethereal quality that invites listeners into a space of reflection and connection. Louise, through this track, reminds us that in our vulnerabilities and differences, we find our truest selves.

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