BadMoodRude + MOD SUN

Alt-Electro singer BadMoodRude’s new track ‘Novocaine’ is a short-but-sweet, edgy taster into the melancholic mind of an artist who has easily joined the new wave of angsty singers such as Billie Eilish. You could say that BadMoodRude is a “less rebellious, but just as quirky” version of Charli XCX, with her Sky Ferreira-esque vocal performance which grabs you from the moment her voice drops on top of that sick beat, in which producer Dakuizdi uses shiz loads of distortion, flanger and “bass” EQ effect to ensure that ‘Novocaine’ remains solely an underground song.

It would be no surprise if Dakuizdi was influenced by critically acclaimed producers such as Alex Da Kid and Guy Sigworth who are known for experimenting with industrial sounds…Dakuizdi is an extremely talented producer who you need to keep an eye on.

Let’s not forget MOD SUN’s rap in ‘Novocaine’ which deserves applause for its powerful moment. It was without a doubt a great choice for New Yorker BadMoodRude to collab with the up-and-coming rapper on this track, simply because his rap vocal in one not to be ignored. He certainly makes it known when he has entered the room.

A catchy hook is delivered via the infectious lyrics “when you call my name, it’s always been the same, I won’t feel a thing, you are my novocaine,

Despite how short ‘Novocaine’ is, the chorus will stay in your mind long after the first listen.

BadMoodRude only began her music career a year ago but she is in a roll and will be dropping a number of new releases in 2020 including collaborations with the likes of Texas rapper RiFF RAFF, German rapper Kaiba and Lil Peep-collaborator and producer mysticphonk.

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