Novaa Releases Powerful New Single Audre

by Lucy Lerner

10th July, 2021

With a message of hope, Novaa releases the powerful new single Audre in anticipation of her forthcoming album She’s A Rose. Novaa pays homage to American feminist writer, poet and civil activist Audre Lorde in her new release and dynamic lyrics are driven home via a dreamy soundscape and vulnerable vocals.

Novaa comments on the inspiration behind the song, “I think about three or four years ago I stumbled across a book that changed my perspective as a person and artist massively, that book is called ‘Your Silence Will Not Protect You’. It’s a collection of speeches, poems, ideas and essays by the wonderful poet, writer and activist Audre Lorde. Obviously Audre is an incredible and skilled writer with a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom that she shares, but the thing that most struck me about her was not only what she talked about but also how she talked about it. I felt like there was a softness, a gentleness and homeliness to her words that held huge strength exactly because it was soft and gentle. It makes me angry and sad that our society mostly doesn’t see, recognise nor credit the work that black women do. What they contribute, what they sacrifice, simply and only because of stupid hierarchies and the racist system we live in.

With this song I wanted to shine light on Audre and her incredible work. Research her story, her life, read her books, listen to her speeches – see and support black women and their work.”

Novaa is a Berlin based alt-pop singer-songwriter who creates thought-provoking music with an eclectic sound. We look forward to her new album She’s A Rose out soon.

The power game never stops
That it’s running in our human blood
That it will never be ours to play When they just made it up
Cause they’re scared of us

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