North-East London’s Arz Delivers a Silky Smooth Love Note in New Track Choosing You

by Marcus Adetola

23rd July, 2023

North-East London's Arz Delivers a Silky Smooth Love Note in New Track Choosing You

Arz London’s homegrown talent’s latest release, Choosing You, is an introspective dive into the complexities of relationships set over a chilled beat that’s more infectious than the common cold.

Arz ft. Azuki – Choosing You (Official Music Video)

Arz’s signature blend of introspection and observational wit takes centre stage in the song’s opening lines: “Just don’t lie to me / Communicate patience, but she don’t take time with things.” There’s a refreshing honesty to Arz’s narrative that resonates with listeners—it’s the voice of someone who’s been through love’s wringer and emerged all the wiser.

Aiding in the introspective journey is Azuki, who hooks listeners with a contagious chorus that resonates with echoes of love and commitment. There’s an irresistible groove in the rhythm, a bounce that seems custom-made for late-night introspection or a relaxed Sunday drive.

The duo weaves their narrative with a delicate balance of confession and bravado, showing us the love story of two individuals who are adamant about keeping their business private, working through problems, and finding a deep connection with each other. It’s a love story that’s as universal as it is intimate, and the duo articulates it beautifully.

A key aspect that adds to the song’s charm is the modern, laidback production. The beat sets the perfect backdrop for Arz and Azuki’s lyrical banter, while the brightly coloured synth sounds add a layer of sonic delight. The result is a melodic concoction that is instantly memorable and hard to resist replaying.

Choosing You is a refreshing shift from the often hypermasculine narratives that dominate much of today’s hip-hop landscape. Instead, it showcases the power of vulnerability and commitment, serving as a reminder that love is, at its core, a choice—and one that Arz and Azuki are unafraid to make.

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