No Love By TMF Precha, Cameron Airborne And WhiteGold: A Savage Response To Deceit And Non Belief

by neonmusic

23rd August, 2023

No Love By TMF Precha, Cameron Airborne And WhiteGold: A Savage Response To Deceit And Non Belief

TMF Precha’s much-anticipated debut album is well underway, with Precha beginning to release new singles back to back. The latest, No Love is a bellow of defiant swagger exemplified by WhiteGold’s charismatic persona and TMF Precha’s lyrical prowess, powered by an addictive chorus delivered from Cameron Airborne.

The track doesn’t shy away from flaunting confidence and power with lyrics from WhiteGold like, “I remember when I had nothing, nobody to help, so it’s only right I return the favor give ‘em a taste of what I felt” and “wouldn’t give a dime if you were down and out about to fall over dead it doesn’t change the fact I sleep good when I roll around in my bed.” The result is a track that feels fresh and yet an instant classic anthem for those that have been wronged.

The Florida native & owner of Lost world studios Cameron Airborne brought an interesting alternative sound on the hook with words like, “I know they’re mad because I’m up where were you when I was down and I was stuck.”

We have to appreciating TMF Precha’s lyrical genius. In 2021 TMF Precha, founder of Now Entertainment, teamed up with Xpression the MC for the song Bent rules where he referenced being placed in a YDC for a an assault charge at the age of fifteen by a judge that supposedly owned a part of the facility. 

It seems Precha may have placed more heads on the chopping block and further elaborated on the new song No Love by implicating his aunts also stole his inheritance shortly thereafter with lyrics such as, “Shacked up on a bus at the age of fifteen” and “should of given my aunt’s an Oscar at least for their acting skills pretending to be God fearing women while stealing my inheritance”.

Through lyrical analysis, we can begin to unravel No Love. The song’s strength lies within its ability to capture complex emotions through simple yet profound words, offering a universally resonating narrative. It’s a lyrical testament of overcoming obstacles, but also a jab at their rivals and haters. We invite you to continue exploring Precha’s discography and his unique approach to storytelling through music.

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