No ‘Hard Feelings’ For Sam Way

by Lucy Lerner

31th August, 2018

Sam Way’s new song ‘Hard Feelings’ draws you in from the outset with its haunting instrumentals and atmospheric tone and vocals. Lyrics are powerful, “Make up your mind and let me know, cause it’s clear that this isn’t working, make up your mind and let me know, I’m done pretending”. The song is about love on the cusp of failing and how hard it can be to let someone go.

Co-written with Ellie Rose and produced in east London by Jaz Mermay and Edward Abela in London ‘Hard Feelings’ follows the previous single ‘You and all your things’ and Way’s debut EP ‘Archetype‘ released in 2017.

Way tends to incorporate personal experiences in his music which projects a vulnerability and intimacy. The duets with guest vocalist Fleur are particularly touching and beautiful as well as the Cello and piano which leap out of the song.

‘Hard Feelings’ is the first of 3 singles to be released through indie label Animal Farm and we can look forward to an accompanying music video for ‘Hard Feelings’ out soon.

Listen to ‘Archetype’ and read our interview with Sam Way here.

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