New Mexico Sunrise Is An Ode To Friendship By Kate Vogel

by Marcus Adetola

22nd July, 2020

New Mexico Sunrise is an ode to friendship by Kate Vogel. She shares a loving tribute for a dear friend, whom she lost to a fatal car crash. Kate takes you on a heart-wrenching journey saturated with the nostalgia of friendship. She narrates times shared in the companionship of her friend, recalling treasured memories of the places visited together.

But then the hands of time took you too soon
And we’re just left here with the ghost of you

Kate Vogel’s vulnerable vocals and the sentimental instrumentals drive New Mexico Sunrise. It is a warm and heartfelt song that holds a candle to an unforgettable friendship.

To “watch the sunrise now” means to look up from the darkness and see the beauty in the world again. This is a song for anyone who has ever lost someone they love too soon. – Kate Vogel

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