Music For The New Generation – The Soul Jump Live Launch Show

by Emma Reynolds

31th January, 2018

Arriving at Elstree Studios, one of London’s top places for television and music was rather magical. The ceiling was decorated with stunning warm fairy lights and a very intimate atmosphere was created. I felt that this show was going to be very exciting.

On the screen on the stage was the Soul Jump logo and the room was packed full of children and adults, buzzing to see the show. The member who plays the sketched egg character for Soul Jump came on the stage and announced the commencement. They played their short original sketch films in the backgrounds of the songs and had a lot of audience participation.

The songs Soul Jump performed were all designed so wonderfully, giving a voice to the new generation about being strong but also about not taking life too seriously. Their signature song ‘Never Give Up’ was quite a hit amongst the crowd as many people seemed to know the words and children were dancing along.

One song called quite literally ‘Standing In A Queue’ was amusing for us as adults because we all know the pain of having to stand in a queue for ages and just barely moving anywhere. And just like their sketch film suggests, sometimes it can feel like there are hundreds of people in front of you and you’re never going to move!

The evening was wonderful, and Soul Jump clearly has a great following already. I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer; these guys are multi-talented, ambitious and will surely go far!

Read more about Soul Jump and our exclusive interview with Martyn Niman, founder, producer & performer of Soul Jump.

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