Music Blogs vs. The World

by Emma Reynolds

4th May, 2017

So, blogging is something that is still new. The internet as we know was only born in the 90s and though we’ve come a long way in that time, blogs about music, fashion and celebrities are still quite young! However, no matter how new they are, the blogging world seems to be booming. People are reading multiple platforms of writers every day to find out about things they enjoy and to expand their knowledge of various subjects.

Now, out of the millions of blogs out there, music blogs such as this one, Neon Music, have become extremely popular, especially among the youth. This is not surprising since in the current music world we are no longer displaying black and white headshots of artists with their full names beautifully carved beneath, but are instead presenting a fresh new representation of performers through clever acronyms and personification to create mystery and give meaning.

This new way of representing artists creates a buzz among listeners and viewers. For example, Stormzy has recently blown up the charts after he rose to fame with songs such as ‘Shutdown’, ‘Shut Up’, and ‘Know Me From’ when releasing his new album ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ featuring the UK hit ‘Big for Your Boots’. The name Stormzy is intriguing and among much else, his lyrics are firm and sassy leaving us wondering where his inspiration stems from. Hereby, I am not shocked when all my friends are Googling “What is Stormzy’s first name?” and “Where is Stormzy from?” because they are curious and people are left wanting more.

Here is where music blogs come in. The rise of the mystery factor of artists has meant that there is more to document their work online than ever before. People love to read fun facts and see the real meaning behind a song as opposed to just listening to it.

MTV and radio stations tend to play the song and just give listeners a snippet of when it was made and occasionally a fun fact about the artist, however, they do not delve deep enough to find anything that no one else has found before. Bloggers physically seek out artists and give them the true raw interviews people want to hear.

MTV, for example, is a company who have gone extremely mainstream and therefore have criteria they must follow and a way they must do things to keep their reputation and make sure they are not given any bad reviews. But with blogging, this isn’t a concern. Sure, reputation is a big deal but revealing a raw truth and really getting onto a level with the artist that people want to hear and know is more important.

Blogging has become the new big thing to discover new music compared to the TV and radio scene because of its honest and fresh look on not only already-famous artists, but underground ones that are only recently making a breakthrough. Music blogs are the place to discover more about that featured artist on that track you listened to and get into a whole new expanse of tunes.

If not already an avid reader of blogs such as this one, then I recommend you check them out. Even when downloading apps such as Spotify, it cleverly records your music choices and creates a “Weekly Discovery” playlist for you to check out and discover new music. If you can engage in something like this, then head to a music blog and find out more about the artist. I can promise you, you’ll be intrigued.

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