MRG Keeps It Real On The Conscious Single Broke

by Marcus Adetola

8th June, 2021

It’s unusual for a rapper to rap about being broke, but not MRG. He embraces his being broke on the new single as he creatively drops conscious gems that ring true. The delivery on the ominous-sounding beat gives the track panache.

We ain’t going out again ‘till you accept this Uber split look
I’m budgeting, don’t ask me to pick the dinner spot
‘Cause we might go to Popeyes and split the 5 dollar chicken box
A lot of grown men still worry about what kicks to cop
Don’t be stressing what you dressed in
Let’s talk investments han

However, MRG does not wallow at the moment but has set out a plan to change his present situation. One of MRGs choices of investment is investing in cryptocurrency. It’s great to see a young artist go against the perceived grain in the genre.

Broke is out now.

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