Modern Day Heartbreak From FLETCHER With ‘Undrunk’

by Montana Tallentire

2th May, 2019

‘Undrunk’ is a refreshing take on an exhausted take on the modern day heartbreak. The juxtaposition from the offset of the happy melodies intertwined with the sad lyrical composition provides an insight into the range of emotions that FLETCHER felt as the relationship came to an end.

The song was penned on a rainy tequila-filled Friday night when someone mentioned they needed to get ‘undrunk’ so that they could write a song, inspiring FLETCHER to write one of my favourite songs at the moment. After hearing it for the first time less than 24 hours ago, it is the only song that I can think about listening to right now. The pure authenticity of each sentence paints an experience that everyone can resonate. My love for this song has only been enhanced when stumbling across the music video which uses the contrast between grey city life and vibrant deserts to furthermore shed light to the conflicting emotions felt through a time of heartbreak.

Through a time of oversaturated pop music, FLETCHER has been able to define herself in her own right. Her most recent single ‘If You’re Gonna Lie’ shows her versatility as a songwriter. Once again the beautiful, descriptive lyrics embedded within an airy melody only draws attention to her equally impressive vocal range. With more music on the way, I am excited to see what more is to come from the upcoming artist.

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