Miranda Faul’s Renegade Is A Hauntingly Beautiful Journey

by Marcus Adetola

30th March, 2023

Miranda Faul's Renegade is A hauntingly Beautiful Journey

Miranda Faul‘s latest release, Renegade, is a powerful and poignant indie folk/pop song that explores the theme of alienation and the loss of meaning in the modern world. With its bare guitar and vocals that gradually build up to a crescendo of atmospheric harmonies, the song creates a hauntingly beautiful soundscape that immediately grabs your attention.

The lyrics of Renegade are well-crafted and thoughtfully written, painting a vivid and poignant reflection of the inner struggles of trying to find a way back to something gold in a rapidly changing world. Lines like You’re losing trace of all the daughters who gave you your name, and In the city that’s digging your grave, it’s getting cold out here alone, are relatable and powerful, capturing the weight of feeling alone and disconnected. Faul reminds us that the way home is always within reach if we look within ourselves.

The instrumentation is simple yet powerful, with the delicate guitar and vocals starting off the track before building into a crescendo of harmonies and layers of bass and piano. The beautiful arrangement adds an ethereal quality to the song, creating a sonic landscape that pulls the listener into her world.

Overall, Renegade is a moving and uplifting piece of music that promises hope and a way back home to anyone feeling lost. Miranda Faul’s vocals are heartfelt, and her songwriting is poetic, creating a track that will resonate with listeners. As she sings, Something in you knows the way home, that’s the message that will stay with those who hear this hauntingly beautiful song.

Renegade is out now.

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