Midnight Killer Is Stela Cole’s Phoenix Moment

by Marcus Adetola

13th February, 2024

Midnight Killer is Stela Cole's Phoenix Moment

LA-based Stela Cole‘s Midnight Killer is a narrative steeped in the catharsis of self-reclamation. With a story that reads like a diary entry drenched in resilience, Cole invites us into her world of rebirth, where the ashes of past selves ignite the flames of newfound strength.

Midnight Killer blends shadowy tones and the gentle strumming of a guitar, setting the stage for Cole’s vocal journey. Her voice, both tender and assertive, guides us through a soundscape that oscillates between vulnerability and a raw, intimate power. It’s as if each note and lyric is a piece of stained glass, crafting a mosaic of healing and empowerment.

The visual counterpart to this auditory experience features Cole, alongside the visionary talents of Eliot Lee and Maya Sassoon and the compelling presence of Noah Gonzalez, crafts a visual narrative that straddles the line between the allure of a femme fatale and the tangible essence of human emotion. It’s a visual feast that complements the song’s narrative, enhancing its emotional depth without overshadowing the music’s core message.

Stela Cole Midnight Killer song cover
Stela Cole Midnight Killer song cover

Diving into the lyrics, Stela Cole paints a portrait of a woman who’s no longer the architect of her own demise. The verses are laced with references that evoke a sense of timeless cool – Cadillacs, The Doors, and the sharp sting of a stiff drink. Yet beneath this veneer of untouchable cool lies a tale of transformation. The chorus, with its haunting repetition of “She’s a midnight killer,” serves as both a declaration and a defiance, a refusal to revert to a version of herself marred by past mistakes.

Midnight Killer is Stela Cole’s phoenix moment, encapsulated in melody and lyricism.

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