Micah & Julia invite you into their world with their stunning new song Me. Their gentle vocals bounce off each other and despite the song starting softly and stripped back, sonics layers and instrumentals are soon built up and the duo is joined by a beautiful choir turning the song into an anthem.

Despite being less than three minutes long, Me contains so many aspects and textures. It was written during the pandemic via zoom between Micah & Julia’s respected homes of the Netherlands and Nashville, USA. Me is the fourth single from their first EP via LV Music.

Me is about taking time to figure yourself out and is a conversation you are likely to have with yourself during periods of solitude. I’m sure many people can relate to Me after being in lockdown and everyday lives turned upside down for so long.

I have conversations Just with myself at 3 in the morning,
I find the courage to say how I felt
But nobody’s listening
I’m all alone I said I was cool
I pretended, all the way home

Micah & Julia have captured these thoughts in a memorable song and thoughtful music video. We look forward to hearing more from this talented pair soon.


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