Maya Malkin’s Latest Release Stop Is A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Ballad

by Marcus Adetola

22nd March, 2023

Maya Malkin's Latest Release Stop Is A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Ballad

Maya Malkin has done it again with her latest release, Stop. An absolute gem full of raw emotions and an engaging rhythm. The opening notes of the intro set the perfect tone for this heart-breaking tale, with a delicate and melodic instrumentation that’s both warm and captivating. Maya’s lyrics come to life with her heartfelt and expressive irresistible vocal delivery.

The dreamy and atmospheric soundscape adds to the song’s overall warmth as it creates a sound haven.

This song has been YEARS in the making. It has gone through reinvention after reinvention to get it just right. “Stop” is a narrative singer-songwriter track written on the Megabus from Toronto to Montreal many years ago. It is a true story written the night of, without having slept a peep, on the 6:30 AM interprovincial bus home. The song recounts the specifics of what just happened.” – Maya Malkin

What makes Stop so relatable is how it perfectly captures the feeling of heartbreak. The verses detail the present moment, while the pre-choruses and choruses delve into what occurred just before, creating a classic tale of an aching heart that will resonate with anyone who has gone through a breakup. The production of Stop is top-notch, with glossy pop elements that take the song to new heights. 

Maya’s incredible talent cements her place as one of the most exciting singer-songwriters on the scene. If you’re looking for a heartfelt and engaging song, look no further than Maya Malkin’s latest release.

Listen to Stop, and also check out her January release Honey.

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