Margot Polo Finds Solace In This Old Thing

by Marcus Adetola

18th August, 2020

Margot Polo finds solace in This Old Thing, the latest single from the Californian native singer-songwriter. It’s an uplifting song featuring warm synthesizers and breezy acoustic guitar that create a feel-good vibe laced with heavy doses of nostalgia. The warm and gentle vocals from Margot Polo ushers in an emotional paradise amid the chaos of an impending end of a relationship. He creates a haven with an atmosphere of vibrant sounds tempered with hopeful and relatable lyrics.

Thousands of miles high,
We used to dream we could be anything,
Now that we’re stuck on ground, Let’s turn it around,
so tell me you won’t go,
Crashing into a new lover,
Stay with me, we can recover,
All that we really need,
We gotta believe that this old thing can fly

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