Lu Wright Releases The Tranquil What I Like

by Emma Reynolds

10th March, 2021

Lu Wright Releases The Tranquil What I Like

A stunning vocal backed by a smoky alternative rhythm and blues background – this is What I Like by Lu Wright.

This song will be the South London-based singer-songwriter’s second single and it does not disappoint. Wright recently graduated from the London branch of the BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute) and almost immediately began working on her EP Notes To Self.

The breathy, jazz vocal on this track is not unexpected when we learn that Wright grew up in a house that echoed the music of 50/60s soul greats such as Nina Simone and Sam Cooke.

Wright’s single What I Like is a soulful pop ballad that is a commentary on how hard it can be to find the strength to move on from a hard relationship. In her own words, Lu Wright says “What I like is about finding the strength to break free from an unhappy relationship. I came to the sudden realisation that it was purely down to me to change my situation. Often, it’s only after breaking out of a toxic relationship, that we look back and realise how we moulded ourselves into tiny comfortable spaces just to fit in and cope. ‘What I Like’ takes us through the daunting yet exciting prospect of starting again and building a better, stronger and more genuine you.”

The song is weightless and transports you into a universe of tranquillity and perplexing thought. 

Lu Wright’s forthcoming debut EP Notes To Self is a magnetic and endearing look at how growing as a young woman can be interpreted and shared experiences that Wright has been through on her journey. Wright’s music is fresh, exciting and current and she has a promising and exciting musical career ahead of her. She mirrors artists like Lana Del Rey and The 1975. Check her out now! 

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Lu Wright will release her Debut EP Notes To Self on, May 27th 2021.

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