British Daisy By Lu Wright Is A Sweet Bouquet Of Sounds

by Lucy Lerner

8th February, 2021

British Daisy By Lu Wright Is A Sweet Bouquet Of Sounds

Lu Wright releases her unforgettable debut, British Daisy. Hitting the sweet spot between R&B and jazz, this sweet bouquet of sounds is vibrant and fresh. Featuring a giddy melody and undulating instruments against a glistening soundscape, British Daisy is a well-crafted debut.

“The title British Daisy stems from the typically British trait of putting on a brave face, instead of saying what we mean and acknowledging the fact that we are all fragile. After being in an unhealthy relationship in which my self-worth was slowly eroding, this song talks through the fight to break out of a bad relationship and the bad habits they leave us with. – Lu Wright

‘British Daisy’ speaks of a time where I found myself daydreaming of a life where I was happier, but didn’t have the strength to make it happen.”

Lu Wright recently graduated from the BIMM Institute (British and Irish Modern Music Institute) and has been working hard on her debut EP Notes To Self set for release in May 2021.

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