Basking in the success of her debut album, ‘What If We Never Forget’, released in February this year, Austrian songstress AVEC, unveils her latest single, ‘LOVE’ a perfectly well-rounded illustration of raw emotion, intertwined with simplistic instrumentation and melancholic vocals.

The 22-year-old uses her young creative power to portray a personal sense of human life. ‘LOVE’, opens with a warmly strummed electric guitar, lifted by AVEC’s sweetly sounding vocals above, describing love and its unpredictability. Her chorus is painted with light, toe-tapping percussion, set to a simple production that compliments the lyrics, as she declares in surrender (“keep your head up, I’ll lay my heart down”).

Commenting on the new single, AVEC says: “Love is such a powerful force – it can make you feel like heaven and as soon as you feel safe, you turn around and you’re stuck in hell! It can be self-destructive and at some point, it might break you, but in the end, love is a very innocent thing and means nothing less than acceptance, trust, and forgiveness – love more! This song is the oldest one on the record – I wrote it in April 2016 and we’ve been playing it live ever since. While recording this one all the sudden it started raining so heavily and that’s what you can hear at the end of the track – it’s amazing!”

‘LOVE’ is a narrative that is relevant to us all; the emotions in love are unmatched and often unexpected and AVEC sets this story to a heartfelt organic arrangement, reminiscent of home and of emotions falling like rain from the sky.

Taken from her forthcoming album, ‘Heaven / Hell’ produced in Attica Audio Studios in Ireland, the album will be released in the fall on 14th September through Ear Candy Records.

AVEC will be performing at The Great Escape in May 2018, and straight after the September release of her highly anticipated sophomore record, AVEC will embark on a European tour, stopping over in Belgium, Switzerland and more.