Louis La Roche’s Honest Is A Synth-Pop Journey Through Time

by Marcus Adetola

1st August, 2023

Louis La Roche's Honest Is A Synth-Pop Journey Through Time

Norwich-based DJ/producer Brett Ewels, better known by his stage name Louis La Roche, drops Honest, fusing elements of the past and present into a harmonious sonic tapestry. The track also features vocals from Heddie.

Honest transports listeners on a journey through the combined aesthetics of modern pop and 80’s synth-pop. It’s a sonic landscape filled with funky guitars, soaring synths, and soft falsetto vocals that transport you back to the golden era of synth-pop while keeping you firmly rooted in the present. La Roche’s ability to seamlessly blend different musical styles is on full display here, resulting in a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh.

The lyrics of Honest are a poignant narrative of a toxic relationship, with the protagonist asserting their worth and refusing to settle for less. The chorus, “Ain’t even worth it / No you don’t deserve it / I’m just being honest / You haven’t earned this,” is a powerful declaration of self-respect and honesty. The song’s lyrical content adds depth to its vibrant soundscape, creating a multi-dimensional listening experience.

The ethereal vocals from Heddie add an extra layer of emotion to the track, perfectly complementing the synth-driven melody. Her voice, combined with the song’s lyrics, paints a vivid picture of a person breaking free from a toxic relationship, making Honest a relatable experience.

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